Engaged, motivated employees are more productive, efficient and loyal to their employers

Our Engagement specialists support clients in a variety of sectors to achieve their internal communications objectives. Internal and external channels are continually converging and we provide an integrated service, ensuring your message to internal audiences is perfectly aligned with your wider communications activity.

We work with our clients to develop research-led internal strategies, which target employees and empower them to support your reputation.

Whether businesses are going through a period of change, under new leadership, or launching a fresh strategy, they need to ensure employees are engaged, every step of the way.


Specialist areas:

Internal communications audit – Our methodology enables us to build your story around your business, using human interest and proof points that give you credibility and authenticity. This must be genuine, as we understand that your members or employees will be the most cynical and often the most critical of audiences.

Change management – We have experience of working with external stakeholders, such as unions and professional groups, to ensure the necessary plans are in place to communicate to employees and members during uncharted times, such as pension changes, mergers and acquisitions and redundancy announcements. Your people may not agree with all of your decisions, but at least they will understand them.

Campaign communications – A successful campaign launch requires targeted communications for members and employees to ensure that they understand and contribute to new programmes. We approach any challenge without preconceptions, and we work with multiple stakeholders with a clear understanding of the nuances of successful employee engagement.

Issues preparedness – Reputations are fragile and can change overnight. Your employees and members are the most important advocates for your organisation, and they need to know what to do and say in times of concern and uncertainty. We have created a suite of tools exactly for this purpose. We can audit your systems and processes, simulate scenarios including real-time social media storms, regulatory milestones and other challenging situations. Furthermore, when you need a rapid response, our team can be mobilised to act day or night.

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